The Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authorities 2011 to 2015 

Achievements and success in delivering fisheries and conservation management 


DEFRA report to Parliament on the Conduct and Operations of the 10 regional IFCAs 2010 to 2014

 Marine and Coastal Access Act 2009

An Act to make provision in relation to marine functions and activities; to make provision about migratory and freshwater fish; to make provision for and in connection with the establishment of an English coastal walking route and of rights of access to land near the English coast; to enable the making of Assembly Measures in relation to Welsh coastal routes for recreational journeys and rights of access to land near the Welsh coast; to make further provision in relation to Natural England and the Countryside Council for Wales; to make provision in relation to works which are detrimental to navigation; to amend the Harbours Act 1964; and for connected purposes...